893 Mercer Road Beaver Falls, PA 15010-6815 (724) 843-5826


Supervisors: Emmett Santillo, Thom Portman, John Axtell

Amy Schmidhamer, Secretary
893 Mercer Road
Beaver Falls, PA 15010
(724) 843-5826
Monday-Friday 8:00am – 3:30pm

General Information

North Sewickley was formed in 1801 when the former Sewickley Township was divided into New Sewickley and North Sewickley. In 1845, North Sewickley's geographic size was reduced by the creation of three new townships Marion, Wayne, and Perry from it's territory. The township lost more land in 1892 when Eastvale Borough was incorporated and in 1918 when the Borough annexed South Ellwood.

Population: 6200, approximately
Square Miles: 21.12
Road System: 38.52
State Roads: 29.65

School District: Riverside Beaver County.

Attention to All Residents:

Please be observant and report all suspicious activity to the Police Dept. (724) 843-3421. A Neighborhood Watch is being created in the Township - watch for further information regarding this.

The approved 2016 budget can be viewed HERE


Township Information: 893 Mercer Road Beaver Falls, PA 15010-6815 (724) 843-5826

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